Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentines Day Crafts!

Here are a few creations from Better Homes and Gardens that are on my "to do" list.

BHG created theirs from fabric scraps, but I think I'll use some Valentines Scrapbook paper that I already have on hand.   Just add ribbon and attach to the mantle hang from a curtain rod!  How easy is that!

Look familiar?  I can use my new pedestal from my last post and dress it up with a little festive paper and ribbon and be done!  Another quickie.

Hand painted place mats and coasters made with craft foam... The kids will have so much fun making these on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I can't wait to see their creations!

Check out this simple heart wreath made from card stock and vellum pieces.

Cut a base from card stock.  Cut out different shaped hearts, curl the edges and adhere.  Hang with decorative ribbon.

I found all of these and more here  
at Better Homes and Gardens.
I'm still on the look out for more Valentines Day crafts so if you have any to share, please do!

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  1. I love Valentine's Day. I really want to make one of those heart wreaths.