Friday, January 1, 2010

About Jamie

Hi there!  I'm Jamie, 32 year old mother of two kiddos. Ashley, my down to earth glamour girl is 13 and Alex, my spunky motor mouth boy is 8.  I'm happily married to my very best friend, Mark who works from home for Apple Computer.  I work part time as a CAD Technician in the Land Surveying field and really enjoy what I do.  In fact, most days I actually look forward to working.  Outside of work I enjoy thrifting, photography, yard work, thrifting, home improvement projects, geocaching and thrifting.  Yes, I have a bit of a thrift addiction, but like I tell my husband, it's OK, I'm SAVING us money!  Fortunately, he agrees and appreciates my nack for finding a good deal.  I was raised by thrifty mom, a mom I swore I'd never be as frugal as... and while I'm not as frugal, I'm pretty darn close.  I have been blogging for about 9 years now, but just recently decided to start a new blog documenting my adventures in updating our 1980's honey oak home in a smallish town just north of Austin, Texas.
I am already discovering all of the fabulous pay offs that blogging my home improvement projects provides.  I have met some incredibly talented ladies and have found so many SWEET craft ideas that I can't wait to tackle...not to mention my fiendish need to create JUST so I can document.  Now that was something I didn't expect!   

Why Soul Snacks? 
I have found that I'm happiest when I'm creating. I believe creating is essential to the human experience and in essence, feeds the soul.

Thanks for checking me out!

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