Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mod Podge Wall Hooks

I cannot make a trip to Hobby Lobby without checking out every clearance isle. It just so happens that every isle is a clearance isle, which is why trips to Hobby Lobby should be solo trips. I made the mistake of taking the monkey boy with me on my last trip, and as miserable as it was, I was still able to come home with a few good deals. I was only able to hit one of the yellow tag isles (not to be confused with the measley 50% off isles) We're talking big savings. Huge savings. Even for cheapos like me.

Here was my find of the day for a whopping $1.36 each. (normally $3.99 each)
I bought 8.

Yeah, so they're a little boring, but look at those smooth lines and flat surfaces. What could be more perfect for a little Mod Podge Project! Better yet, one the kids can be a part of. And Ashley has been telling me she needs wall hooks for her jackets for what...a year now?? I took the kiddos back to the Hobb and let them pick out scrapbook paper for their hooks, a few embellishments to finish them off and VOILA!

I made these guys for the den in the basement. These pictures really don't do them justice. I used textured scrapbook paper, and the black is all sparkles.

And of course, these are Ashley's creations. Again, it's hard to tell, but both patterns are textured paper.

The monkey boy made this one with a little help from monkey mom. The letters on the ribbon are sliders and can be moved to any position. Alex LOVES this!


  1. These are so cute! I can totally see and etsy store!!!

  2. Thanks Kim! We had a ton of fun making them too!

  3. Those are the cutest!! Clever idea & such a good bargain!!

  4. Wow, great Ideas and now I am wishing we had a hobby lobby here in Canada!!!!!