Thursday, January 7, 2010

Repurposed Christmas Tin

As I was de-Christmasing this past Sunday, I decided to downsize my Christmas stash and get rid of those items that never seem to make it out of the storage bin. You know, the ones that just don't quite cut it anymore that you continue to pack up every year? I'm notorious for holding on to things because I just *know* if I pack it up, I'll end up having a need for it someday. So, back to decluttering...I came across this tin that almost made it to the donation pile and I decided to put it on my desk, and if I came up with an idea for it before it got in my way, well great, if not, it was out the door.

Here she is before:

I decided to do something quick, simple and functional with items I already had on hand. I wrapped it in scrapbook paper and finished of the edge with the polka dot ribbon. It still needed some thing, so I tied up some ribbon, hot glued the jewel in the middle and voila, about half an hour later I have a new place to put my stack of bills! I'll probably end up Mod Podging it, but for now, I don't have a Christmas tin on my desk staring me down.

Shhh, don't tell anyone about the bottom.

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