Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't stop shopping! I don't know what it is, maybe a craving for crafting or has Christmas Shopping made an addict out of me? In the past three days, I have been to the following stores: Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, TJ Max, Target, Pier One, Walgreens, Habitat for Humanity Re-store, Goodwill, and the Caring Place (a local thrift shop). The good news is, I have showed major restraint and found some fab deals. I ran in to Target to pick up a few necessities and was drawn to the Christmas Sale. 90 percent off was waaay too good to pass up, so I picked up a few little things.

See that huge container of ornaments? Original price $15.00. Jamie's price $1.50. I picked up 2. No, I don't NEED the ornaments, but I did HAVE to HAVE them. I just recently read a post from Eddie Ross about this adorable ornament wreath and I wanted oh so badly to make one, but really just couldn't see myself shelling out the $15 it would take to create it with all of the gift shopping I still needed to do.

The smaller ornaments in the star container were normally $5.00 marked down to $.50. I picked up two. I figure I'll follow the same method for the large ornament wreath, but make a couple smaller ones for around the house.

I also picked up a spool of curling ribbon for $.29, 5 rolls of wrapping paper...the pricey roll was $.49, the others were $.30 and $.19. The best part...I actually needed wrapping paper!!!

----Total price $6.55.
----Total savings $54.90!

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